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SIG P360 MACRO-Thoughts/experiences

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So I am doing some study about these apparently well thought out and well thought of handguns. I am sort of retiring from collecting guns for the most part and kind of relegating things to more of a "fun tool" like status and will only be purchasing one more 1911 and maybe a revolver or two. Going to spend more time on an upcoming "fun" car purchase and maybe a guitar or two. With this in mind, I am considering something to aid in self defense that is safe and sane to carry and one of these P360 Macro's seem to represent themselves well. Anyone that owns one or has some experience with these. I am kind of overwhelmed by all of the reviews by the typical "gun rag" dudes that seem to range from "beyond tacticool to don't do it or sacrifice your dog, kids, wife". I was impressed by a couple of reviews however thought that Mike Glover's of Fieldcraft was well done as was Hickok 45 and I think James Reeves. For the most part most other reviewers dont have enough street credentials to comment.
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I've had three P365 chassis guns...a P365, a P365XL and a P365X. Somewhere around 2,500 rounds total. I have at times converted my P365X into a "comp-less" Macro, using an XL slide. The original gun with a comp didn't interest me, so I built my own, as it were.

It's going to be my configuration for USPSA this fall, when I resume shooting matches. I plan to use my 20 round Macro mags with the TTI extentions. Pic below.
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It turns out Sig is introducing the version without the comp as a regular product. James Reeves/TFB gave a interview with Phil Strader on this new Macro variant at SHOT 23: No porting (XL slide), magwell, and new extended slide stop lever. Mentions "tac pack" with 4 magazines. Available "February". Around $750.

I am ambivalent about the comp, but certainly want 17-20 rounds, flat trigger and an RDS. They seem to be a good offering for the money. Sounds like this will work well time wise as I am about a month or so out from purchase. I have a Smith Shield Plus, but going to get my wife going with that and graduate her from snub nose revolvers. I like the size and it has pretty good capacity, but really want a Sig.
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My 365XL has been a solid gun for me. My only complaint is the grip length is a bit too short for me. To compensate I use the 15rd mags. The XMacro wasn't available when I picked up the XL. I replaced the Romeo Zero with a Holosun 507 and glad I did.

That said, the Staccato CS looks enticing as an EDC as well. Springfield Hellcat is a popular carry in my neck of the woods too.

Good luck...!
Yep, I was going to spend the extra couple bucks on a Holosun. They reportedly have a better sight pic and are shake awake.
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I played with one today and really like how solid it felt(as compared to like a Glock)and was better than my Shield Plus. Of course my shop is charging a premium for these at over 8 bills. I am going to talk them down and get a Holosun 407 and gun package deal. One of the other guys that works there showed me his set up that he carries appendix and it looks pretty comfortable even with the RDS.
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I find the Macro grip to be excellent, shooting it back to back with a regular XL slide I find the comp doesn’t make a noticeable difference (2 of my pals at the range agreed) so I left the regular XL slide on since it had a 407k on it already.
As confirmed by the sales/service guy at my LGS, the comp slide "is a little less snappy" than a non comped XL. I probably will get one anyway as there is not a huge price difference from an XL here and I want the rest of the features of the Macro. Will likely get an XL slide later and the 20 round "end caps" for the mags. I certainly want the Holosun 407 RDS fitted.
Here's the new non comped version

This is actually what I am on the list for. Until then....a Smith Shield Plus(1/2 the price for 3/4 the gun)
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