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SIG P360 MACRO-Thoughts/experiences

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So I am doing some study about these apparently well thought out and well thought of handguns. I am sort of retiring from collecting guns for the most part and kind of relegating things to more of a "fun tool" like status and will only be purchasing one more 1911 and maybe a revolver or two. Going to spend more time on an upcoming "fun" car purchase and maybe a guitar or two. With this in mind, I am considering something to aid in self defense that is safe and sane to carry and one of these P360 Macro's seem to represent themselves well. Anyone that owns one or has some experience with these. I am kind of overwhelmed by all of the reviews by the typical "gun rag" dudes that seem to range from "beyond tacticool to don't do it or sacrifice your dog, kids, wife". I was impressed by a couple of reviews however thought that Mike Glover's of Fieldcraft was well done as was Hickok 45 and I think James Reeves. For the most part most other reviewers dont have enough street credentials to comment.
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The Macro and the Spectre Comp are the only guns I've been able to keep the target in the window of the optic after the shot. They are also my only comp guns. Phil Strader doesn't call it a compensator but calls it an "expansion chamber" since it's only a shorter barrel in a ported slide. They do make a little "blap" noise and the 3" barrel is what it is. My favorite set up was either comped slide on a standard XL frame.
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This is my set up now. A Spectre slide on a Mischief Machine Commander frame. It's the bees knees.
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