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I Thought I had this sold locally but he only took one of the 2 I got in, offering it to Addicts for 24 Hours before it heads to Gunbroker

Army used these for a year or so, wanted Black controls from what I understand, Sig said just send us the old ones and we will send you new ones, making this limited number available to the civilian market, thus these are a rare opportunity to own an actual issued sidearm from the modern era. These guns are used, and this particular one is nice and dirty too :)

Asking $1200 shipped

Shipping box Khaki Packing materials Cardboard Carton
Metal Tool Trigger Box Household hardware
Aluminium foil Foil Nail Plastic bag Plastic
Trigger Gun accessory Plastic Aluminium foil Air gun
Foil Aluminium foil Plastic Home accessories Plastic bag
Plastic bag Office equipment Steel Machine Aluminium
Gun Firearm Trigger Gun accessory Ammunition
Text Office equipment Technology Computer accessory Laptop accessory
Kitchen utensil Cookware and bakeware Gas stove Tool Cooking
1 - 4 of 4 Posts