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DOING Anoth SMALL RUN OF GRIPS WITH SUPER ADDICTS PRICING BELOW COST . The last ones went in 48 Hrs!! Thanks for the business guys!! Youll notice these are very symmetrical / More Vibrant than the usual ones sold at this price point!

475 For any Of the Grips!! need to sell at below cost to make room for more that are incoming!!
All the better for the lucky addicts who'll end up with them!

To Buy Please Post "Ill Take it" followed by the number on the top right corner of the Grips you like.

When sending PM Please Include Contact info.
Or call directly to purchase
Shop Phone 954-676-0714
Cell Directly 954-394-5134

Sleeve Dress Wood Font Denim

this led Baer Boss has the number 6 Grip and the Agent 2 the number 1 Grip
For reference.
The first photo does not do them justice
Wood Finger Material property Publication Metal

Wood Tool Musical instrument accessory Cosmetics Office supplies

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The color of number 6 would be my first choice in a compact size that I want to go on my Sapphire Ultra.
Either number 1 or 3 would work as my second color choice. Truth is I like all of those sets.

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If you still have the original set of grips that came on that try cut carry, the angular aluminum ones, I'll be willing to buy them from you if you're willing to sell them to me.
Would sell you the Grips with the Gun!
Brand New with box and papers 4800 Delivered !!!
I only took the grips off to show what the Ivory looks like on the Tricut.
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