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SLR Rifleworks Adjustable Gas Block for .875" diameter FSB

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$59 shipped via USPS Priority Mail MFRB.
Lightly used unit for your AR10 / AR15 or other heavy barreled match rifle.
This is a clamp on block and includes a rifle length gas tube and pin.
Diameter for FSB is 0.875"
Manufactured by SLR Rifleworks in FL.
Ingenious design for adjustment and cleaning.
Puts your brass in a tidy little pile.
Instruction sheet included for the buyer.
cash / check / MO / silver / ammo / PayPal accepted for payment.
Please post an *I'll take it* and contact me via PM.

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Tersdee Bumpage!

I used this block on an ArmaLite AR10(T) to great effect.

Will also fit Ranier, JP, GA Precision, Criterion, Fulton Armory and possibly White Oak, Obermeyer, Noveske or Krieger.
Frydee Bumpus.

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Post-Laborious Day Bump!
$10 Price Reduction to $59...weekend bumpster.
After re-barreling and re-configuring an ArmaLite AR10 yesterday, I've decided there might be a chance I'll assemble another heavy barrel upper and might want this thing.
Please consider this offer withdrawn, thanks!
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