Smith and Wesson 5904

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    Yo, boys and girls... hope everyone is doing well. We have one of those guns everyone should own at some point in their life. This was picked up on Gunbroker from an FFL a few months ago. It is an extremely clean example that has been well taken care of. I have not shot it since it came into my possession.

    Arrives with everything from the factory. The second magazine appears to have never been removed from the box. If you need more pictures just ask.

    I accept USPS money orders, cash, certified bank checks, personal checks from known members, property deeds, vehicle titles (valued at more than $10,000), or 20% of your stock portfolio.

    I would prefer to ship to your FFL as an individual. If you need to do FFL to FFL I will consider it.

    $580 Shipped

    Thanks for looking

    201812.jpeg 201814.jpeg 201810.jpeg 201816.jpeg
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    Hubba hubba. I used to be a 3rd gen S&W collector years ago, before I got into expensive 1911s. I've since sold most of them except for a 5943 NIB and my first gun ever, a 4506-1.

    I still love these guns, you don't see many blued verssions (5904) you see mostly 5906s, so this is a rarer one to see. Looks great, GLWS pal!
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