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This gun, by most 'expert' opinions shouldn't exist, many will say S&W NEVER made a 29-6 Mountain gun, yet here it is. Gun may well be one of one, at very least one of very few, it belonged to Walter Pajak who worked and S&W for over 25 years. Sadly he has passed and we cannot ask him for the backstory, but it is my firm belief that as an employee he had it made, likely with parts that were used to make the SWCA 29-6's for their 25th anniversary, 300 were made and embellished like this one on GI,


This gun can be had one of three ways, note the box included is a Mountain Gun box, but not original to this gun.

With Original Hogue Rubbers $1400 Shipped

With Aherends conversion grips and rubbers $1575 Shipped

With Spegel Boots, and other grips $1776 Shipped

Wood Brown Gun Firearm Trigger
Wood Brown Gun Firearm Trigger
Brown Gun Firearm Trigger Ammunition
Brown Tan Pattern Paint Eye glass accessory
Khaki Tan Metal Air gun Gun accessory
Gun Brown Product Firearm Trigger
Brown Amber Tan Trigger Gun accessory
Brown Gun Firearm Trigger Tan
Blue Line Electric blue Cobalt blue Composite material
Gun Firearm Trigger Gun accessory Tan

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I'm not a wheelie guy by any measures but this thing is beautiful. Looks like they got the guys from old school Python to do the bluing.
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