Smith & Wesson 686-6

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    Oct 11, 2011
    ++SOLD++I am selling my S&W 686-6 stainless 6 inch 357 mag. Comes with red dot mounted and sighted for one inch high at 25 yds. This gives you no holdover out to 100 yds. I am the original owner. Only 24 rounds through it total. Bought it for deer hunting, but never saw one while I hunted with it. Comes with all original items (case, paperwork, lock, etc...) and includes original sight, red dot, sight rail, and a jerry rigged Blackhawk holster (cut down the front to accomodate the red dot). Excellent trigger, easy shooting with 357 or 38. This gun has absolutely no blemishes. Price is $550 ftf or actual shipping costs/FFL fees (last time I sent a handgun, it was $44 total for me to ship). Feel free to ask any questions.++SOLD++

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