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ACW Prime Elite
Better than 1" accuracy upgrade option
Delete Lettering on slide option
Flat trigger option
Upgraded Grip option
Comes with ACW range bag, two factory mags, paperwork, and lock
The bluing is beautiful although it is hard to capture the depth and quality in my pictures.

Excellent condition, I don't see any flaws in the finish. This is a June 2019 build.
I have not fired this gun but I would guess that the previous owner did although it would have been VERY little.
I've included a picture of the test target which I got from Nick at Alchemy (he had this on file).
I do not have the original test target.
$2,975 Shipped FFL to FFL

Here's more info on the accuracy upgrade that this pistol has (copy and paste from Rob's post on a 1911addicts thread):

1.) A thick flange angle bored or radial bore bushing (haven't decided yet, I'm testing)
2.) A more closely fit barrel hood (Hood is a zero tolerance fit)
3.) Hard fit lower lugs (contact will be tight, but not excessively so)
4.) No other smith but myself will handle bushing, barrel, and slide to frame portion of build.
5.) Ransom Rest target shot at actual claim distance (no fake pieces of cardboard shot at 5 yards)
6.) Target will be hand signed and include ammo information. (factory ammo/no handloads)
7.) We have a barrel tester and barrels used for these will be tested before fitting.

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My last remaining grail gun. Cool serial number too.

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Oh my! If this was a 9mm........

This should not last long at all.

Deal with confidence with Corvette4595, he is good to go!!!

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that was fast! congrats! AND CONGRATS TO THE NEW OWNER!
Quick question, do you know what wood are the grips made out of?
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