SOLD SOLD - Colt Compact 45ACP with work by Karl

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  1. RS.

    RS. Well-Known Member

    Dec 21, 2017
    Hate to do this but really need to let this go in order to pay for some other things. Purchased from Karl who did some work on this beauty earlier this year. I had never owned one of these and wanted to give it a try. I’m a straight up government model man so I’m passing this on to another deserving user. I fired 100 rounds through it with no issues.

    Very accurate for a small gun. It’s a series 80. I’ll post up the work sheet from Karl later. Looking for 950 shipped to your FFL. It’s a steal. You’re basically getting the work, done by a great smith at a fraction of the cost.

    Wouldn’t sell if I didn’t need to.

    No trades.

    3FE1EEE6-09A8-4359-8BE2-62765B2F8FA8.jpeg 3B59E396-E359-402F-9FAF-FB9679D03D90.jpeg BC4FB7F2-C4C2-4343-9A00-2D963033CEEB.jpeg 0D8AE694-710A-48D5-B01B-CCC2AEBB330D.jpeg EE459D7E-D17A-4F53-A616-0921B84BB453.jpeg E1ADC9E9-BAFC-4FED-B6AD-1253E037D152.jpeg
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  2. Haroldg48

    Haroldg48 Active Member

    Jul 27, 2018
    great deal! woulda bought it 2 months ago! GLWS!!

  3. Les White

    Les White Well-Known Member

    Nov 17, 2015
    Very well done. Did he replace any of the internal parts?
  4. 41 Charlie

    41 Charlie Get off my lawn...

    Feb 4, 2014
    Awesome job blending the front sight!

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  5. JM44

    JM44 Well-Known Member Supporting Addict

    Feb 2, 2018
    Wow! That is a heck of a deal with the amount of work done to it. The blueing and front sight blend look fantastic. GLWS
  6. MSGT2511

    MSGT2511 Well-Known Member Supporting Addict

    May 14, 2016
  7. RS.

    RS. Well-Known Member

    Dec 21, 2017
    Thank you all for looking. Here’s the work that was done.

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  8. bajag2

    bajag2 Well-Known Member Supporting Addict

    Sep 29, 2016
    PM sent

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  9. RS.

    RS. Well-Known Member

    Dec 21, 2017
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