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    Nov 25, 2016
    Back on August 28th we got 5 of these, they all sold within 24 hours. I just had another one show up direct from CZ. Because I am lazy I have just posted the post from August, I only have ONE for sale this time....

    Good Evening,

    Man my general manager scored a sweet purchase for the shop. While I've been out at the Sporting Clays Range my guys have been scoring some sweet guns. In the 7 years we have been in business this is only the second time we have been able to get a CZ 75 Tactical Sport Orange. Not only did they get one they got 5 of them....

    The first one sold to a customer in the store when the guys opened the Fedex box. Before we closed another had sold so I am down to 3.

    Asking $1775.00 Shipped. No trades on these please. I do accept cash, checks and CC with no fees.

    Specs and a few CZ stock photos are listed below.

    Turning the Tactical Sport up a notch, the Orange borrows a number of design features from the Czechmate and incorporates a few of its own. With the slimmer trigger guard, revised grip geometry and finer checkering from the Czechmate frame, it adds a thumb stop and fully-adjustable target sights.

    With the same long slide and full-length dust cover as the standard TS, it also shares the single-action-only trigger, giving it an incredibly light pull and short reset, making it a joy to shoot at the range and deadly in competition..

    15z_CZTacticalSportOrange_L_91260_91261_01260_01261-copy.png 15z_CZTacticalSportOrange_R_91260_91261_01260_01261-copy.png
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    Nov 23, 2016
    Gents/Ladies, I waited a long time to find one of these in 9mm. One of my favorites! Out of the box shot some of my best groups. The trigger has a very light pull, around 1.5#. So as a guy with a bunch of revolvers it took a couple of mags to get used too. Got the CZ optic mount, fits on the side where the gas pedal is, and a Trijicon RMR. The orange really looks nice. Believe the hype GLWS.
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  3. TheWichitaGunClub

    TheWichitaGunClub Well-Known Member Sponsor

    Nov 25, 2016

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