SOLD SOLD USED Wilson Combat ULC Commander in 9mm

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    Hello Addicts,

    I have been off busy with my "real job" for the past couple of weeks. I have a bunch of new guns in stock and we have some great used inventory that has come in that I think a few of you will be interested in. I also have 4 more used Wilson's from my customer who is slowly thinning his collection. I will do my best to get everything listed today.

    Here is one of the Used Wilson's I was talking about. I have sold a few for him already all going to fellow Addicts's. His pricing is very fair and all of his guns are in great shape. The only thing I run into is he does not keep track of round count. I can't even give you a guess if you ask. All of his guns are sent back to Wilson and inspected before they come to me for consignment.
    • ULC Commander 9mm
    • Black Slide
    • Black Frame
    • Green Fiber Optic Front Sight
    • 2 mags
    • Gun is very clean and has no wear marks and appears to have been shot very little
    • MSRP is $3935.00
    • This pistol was built in March 2018 and sent back to Wilson for inspection with a new test target on October of 2018.
    Special Addicts Pricing $2725.00 shipped

    I accept cash, checks, and credit cards with no fees. We also offer layaway and have financing options. We do accept trades.


    IMG_20181022_102600.jpg IMG_20181022_102614.jpg IMG_20181022_102636_20181022105841065.jpg IMG_20181022_124542.jpg MVIMG_20181022_124517.jpg
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    PM sent

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    Nov 25, 2016
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    Oct 22, 2015
    That was fast, congratulations to the buyer. That was well bought IMHO
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