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I'm done buying guns, I'm just a bystander now
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$3,000 shipped and insured for the full amount. Please, no trades, no offers.

To be transparent, if I get my price I’ll sell it, if not I’ll gladly keep it. The styling is quite unique and I like unique guns.

We’ll discuss payment depending on your feedback and forum reputation.

Vic Tibbet's career is an impressive one.

Vic started his career alongside Bill Wilson at Wilson Combat starting in 1984 to 2001, then he started his own shop and built some wonderful guns and very few of them.

I spoke to Vic after buying this and he remembered the gun based on pictures I sent him and when I asked him how many bobtail commanders he built he stated he could only recall “a few”. He said he would be delighted to see the gun and upgrade the sights personally as they are dead and dated 2001.

After discovering how difficult it is to be a one man shop, Vic became a partner at Guncrafter and helped develop the 50 caliber GI that was launched in 2005 at Shot Show. Vic was at GI from 2003 to 2007 and then returned to run the custom shop at Wilson Combat in 2007 as the custom shop manager.

This is very ahead of its time stainless Bobtail Commander built by one of the longest running smith's in the 1911 marketplace. The barrel is a Schuemann, and chambered in .355 (9mm), serrations on mainspring and front strap are far from the traditional checkering we usually see and extra treatment to the slide really is what hooked me on this gun. I like something a little different.

The gun will ship in a generic soft-case, with two flush fit 9 round magazines.

I’ve only shot this gun twice, super smooth, very accurate and tighter than any Baer I have handled.

The grips are a very interesting story and created by MD Lab (Mad Dog) in AZ. I’ve done a fair amount of research on them a found a post by the creator on TOOS. Here are some highlights.

GunGrips™ are made from the same MD Labs proprietary glass/epoxy composite used for handles of the famous Mad Dog Navy SEAL A.T.A.K. knives.

Gun Grips™ offer the following advantages over grips made from conventional materials like stag, ivory, wood, micarta, rubber, and polyester gelcoated carbon fiber.

They are waterproof and highly resistant/impermeable to commonly encountered chemicals and liquids- Diesel fuel, gasoline, and other petroleum based products, insect repellent, bore solvents and other gun cleaning chemicals

Will not support bacterial or fungal growth, readily sterilized by wiping with a household bleach solution

Impervious to sweat and salt water, unaffected by extreme cold, high performance under extreme temperatures, withstands boiling water easily

Enhanced hand filling ergonomics without extra thickness. Extreme shock resistance with high strength and durability, will not shrink, crack, split, or shatter

Contoured thumb relief for magazine release button

79,000 psi compressive yield strength- provides dramatically increased user safety in the event of overpressure ammunition

303 stainless steel locating bushings

High UV resistance and color stability

These were created in two styles matte bead blast finish as on the Mad Dog SEAL A.T.A.K. knife and presentation grade hand polished, high gloss finish


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I'm done buying guns, I'm just a bystander now
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Until I speak with tashabay I will not mark this as sold


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Congratulations to both the buyer & seller. John, nice ad and write up buddy.
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