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Good morning all!
I have 3 brand new Milt Sparks holsters for sale. I am asking what I paid for them, I will ship them to you at my cost.
All holsters are for 1-1/2" belts, 2-55BNHS's, 1-VM2.
1-55BNHS for Government 1911(Sold)
1-55BNHS for Browning Hi-Power(Sold)
1-VM2 for Browning Hi-Power(Sold)
I am selling these to offset 2020 medical bills as I will have to meet 2 max out of pockets due to having to enroll in Medicare on 4/01/2020 and everything resets!!
Please, no trades as I need the funds.
An "I'll take it" followed by a PM would be greatly appreciated!! THANKS FOR LOOKING!!

Cylinder Natural material

Brown Tan Chocolate Confectionery

Brown Creative arts Artifact Synthetic rubber Carving

Brown Dessert Confectionery Chocolate Glove

Brown Personal protective equipment Glove Sports gear Safety glove

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I’ll take the 55BNHS for a Browning Hi-Power if still available. PM forthcoming.
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