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Discussion in '1911 Gunsmithing' started by acesover, Feb 16, 2019.

  1. acesover

    acesover Well-Known Member

    Dec 26, 2018
    What kind of spare parts do you keep on hand? I have bushings, recoil springs, sear, firing pin and spring, grip screws, mag catch and spring, slide stop, barrel link and pin, disconnector, hammer strut, sear spring, extractor, ejector, mainspring housing pin.
    Anything else I should get that would not require a smith to replace?
  2. wrmiller

    wrmiller The Tinker

    Oct 29, 2016
    I have little plastic drawers with stuff spanning almost 30 years of tweaking and building pistols.

    If I were to buy a half-dozen frames and slides I could probably build them up without having to buy anything other than sights.

    You ask about parts that don't require a smith to replace, so I am assuming you can properly fit a extractor, sear spring, etc.? Oftentimes those are not drop in parts.
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  3. acesover

    acesover Well-Known Member

    Dec 26, 2018
    LOL, no, I cannot fit an ejector, and I realize that most of the parts will not drop in. Could probably do the sear spring, but I am sure it would take me hours to do it correctly.
    I suppose that the only parts I really need to keep on hand are the springs and firing pin, and mag release. But I would like to learn how to tune an ejector that is already installed. Perhaps I should have said "parts that don't require special tools or a good working knowledge". I know just enough to be aware of screwing up a weapon, so I don't try anything I am not comfortable with, which is most of it... Thanks for the answer wrmiller!
  4. gaijin

    gaijin Well-Known Member

    May 18, 2015
    ^ Think you mean “tune an EXTRACTOR”, not ejector- although you can “tweak” an ejector. :)
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  5. Kaibab270

    Kaibab270 New Member

    Jan 5, 2019
    I have just about a spare everything for my AR15, for some pistols I have extra springs, extractors, firing pins and slide stops.

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  6. wrmiller

    wrmiller The Tinker

    Oct 29, 2016
    Fixed that, thanks. Interesting choice of words though, as I do tweak (tune/file/modify) ejectors to control when and how (ejection arc) they spit the brass out. Although TBH this was more critical on open class pistols with frame mounted scopes and red dot sights. I still do it though. Old habits I guess.
  7. gaijin

    gaijin Well-Known Member

    May 18, 2015
    :) Me too WR.
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  8. BigJimP

    BigJimP Well-Known Member

    Mar 12, 2018
    I think you are way "over-thinking" this.....

    Keep the stuff you have ...but about the only thing you are probably going to need is springs ...

    ( in my primary 1911 ...5" Wilson in 9mm )... in 13 yrs and roughly 275,000 rds .......I have replaced :
    A. about 30 recoil springs
    B. about 4 main springs
    C. one extractor
    D. One sear spring

    E. one thumb safety - "broke the shaft"
    F. one sear spring and one slide lock side tube... I only keep a few springs on hand - in terms of spare parts. As a note...I now use the new flatwire recoil spring so will only replace them about every 40,000 I only keep 1 extra on hand now.
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  9. ZoidMeister

    ZoidMeister Consider my signature line before replying . . . .

    Dec 4, 2014
    I used to have several nice 1911's.

    Now I have several boxes of nice expensive spare parts . . .

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