Dan Wesson Specialist commander 9mm

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    3AA609DC-DE0A-4376-9612-811603426EF7.jpeg 37789543-0E1F-4CDD-927E-01341E367290.jpeg I recently got my Specialist back from Keith and the fine folks at DW custom where they polished the slides, thumb safety, slide stop and grip safety to a satin finish. Installed a one piece EB magwell. From there they slicked up the internals and performed a trigger job. Installation of a Harrison medium trigger was next. Now the trigger breaks at 3 and 1/4 lbs like a glass tooth pick. Then they checked barrel and bushing fit and did some slide to frame fitting. Gun is slick and very smooth. After I got it back from DW I let Bob at Cherokee Hills have it where he made and fit a set of custom shoes for it. The cheese/hand graters had to go! Gun now feels so much better in my hand! Bob is a special guy to deal with. I love his work! I have truly met some wonderful people on this site who love 1911’s. Thanks to all the sponsors and contributors to this forum for helping me my support my habit.
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    That’s a fine looking Specialist!

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