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First to give credit where credit is due.
Thanks to BBP and especially Dan for his assistance in helping me acquire my new Dan Wesson specialist.
(First photo courtesy of BBP.)
Gun Firearm Trigger Electric blue Plastic

Now he shipped it out Wednesday and Friday it was in my hands.
Had to wait until today to get out to the farm and pull the trigger.
Shot fifty rounds cleaned it then shot another 100 and called it a day.
After fifty rounds warning dirty pics..
Metal Silver Ribbon

Warning more dirty pics. After 100 more rounds..
Plastic Hood Toy vehicle

Had fifty rounds each of Remington, blazer and perfecta.
Had one failure to eject on the fourth magazine.
Which I take the blame for.
I loaded one mag each with each type ammo, then loaded the fourth with a random mix of the three which is the mag I had the failure on.
After that I didn't mix anymore of the ammo in the same mag and had no other issues.

I don't have any paper targets to show you. But I can say the specialist is accurate and it impressed me.
I stuck sticks up out of a stump...
Here's a stick... 7 to 10 yards.
Sunlight Grass family Grassland Field Pasture

Here's some lead that stuck in the stump....
Brown Rock Geology Geological phenomenon Formation

And one final pic so you can see the size of the sticks, look for the quarter for comparison.
Geology Soil Geological phenomenon Natural material

Thank you Dan from BBP you helped to make my weekend.
If anyone needs a gun I suggest they contact Dan.
His prices are great and his customer service is outstanding.
Thanks Dan what a blast.

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Very nice. The specialist is the best value in 1911s under 2k IMO great buy.. I have 2 of these in 9mm in the mail now from BBP shipped same day so have to agree Dan is the Man.

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Congrats on a nice one.
Thank you for sharing the pics.
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In the staging lanes
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Wheels, congrats man. I've been eyeing these in 9.

WWB, let us know how the 9's are when you get them.

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Congrats on the new gun looks awesome. Love the way you shot outdoors. The only way I'll shoot. Love to see mud, water, bark, wood chips, cans bottles, etc.... flying into the air instead of another hole appear in a piece of paper. Way more fun to me. I understand some city dwellers can't.

Any fish in them thar swimming holes? Looks like a great place to shoot some critters also. Looks like a slice of heaven to me.

If you didn't destroy the shell Sawgrass might want it. Might send her a PM.

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Glad your are happy with the pistol. Your land looks perfect, what a great place to shoot.

Thanks again for the purchase,

P.S. We still have one in stock if anyone wants it :)

You serious, Clark?
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Wheels where in MO are you?

Let me know if you need any help ridding your land of pesky deer or turkey!
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