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    The police officer stopped a car for speeding and approached the driver. “May I see your license, Sir?”
    “I don’t have a license officer, I lost it after my 5th DUI.”
    “Alright, let me see your registration.”
    “I don’t know where that is, Sir, you see I stole this car, and didn’t notice any registration in the glove box when I put my gun in there.”
    “There is a gun in the glove box?”
    “Yes sir, it’s the one I used to kill the lady that owned this car. The one I have stuffed in the trunk.”
    “You have a body in the trunk?”
    ”Yes Sir, it’s in there with my wife’s body.”
    Upon hearing all of this, the officer calls for back up and his supervisor and five other officers surround the car. The officer explains what had happened and the Supervisor approached the man. “Let me see you license.”
    The man provides his license and registration, which both are valid.
    They search the trunk and glove box and find nothing out of the ordinary.
    The supervisor said, “I don’t understand, the officer that stopped you said you didn’t have a license, had stolen the car, had a gun in the glove box, and two bodies in the trunk.
    The driver said,
    “I’ll bet that lying son of a b----- said I was speeding too!”
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    That’s outstanding!

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    I just lost it!
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