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Update #1: I was asked what the round count is on this.

In 9 mm under 200. In .40 less than 100.

Has been a safe queen since I acquired it.

Bought this from Yamil in 2017. It has been sitting in the safe ever since. Now that I have an Elite Warrior Armament P35 and a Practical Hi-Power, I'm making this available.
Original .40 s&w and 9mm barrel (marked 357. Chuck said he will fix that. I have not sent it in).

Will take what I paid for it. $2,900.

Payment options:
USPS Money Order
Paypal friends & family (net $2,900)
90-day layaway available. 1st pmt $1,000. Next two @ $1000 and $900 respectively.

Shipping is included for full payment upfront. Otherwise $50 insured FFL to FFL.

Details from original classified:

"I have a Mint FN Hi Power .40 done by Novak with the following features:

Novak Rear Sight Installed By Novak
Novak Front Sight Installed By Novak
Matting on Front Strap Labor By Novak
Matting on Rear StrapLabor By Novak
Matting on Top of the Slide Labor By Novak
Border on Top of Slide Labor By Novak
C&S Hammer Installed By Novak
C&S Sear Installed By Novak
C&S Trigger Installed By Novak
C&S Extended Single Sided Thumb Safety Installed By Novak
Herrett Walnut Grips
Extra 9mm SS Barrel by Chuck Warner (Elite Warrior Armament)
Black Nitride Finish H&M Metal Processing (BlackNitride.com)
Novak Gun Rug
Two Factory.40 Magazines, Two Mec Gar .40 Magazines one 9mm Magazine"

Photos by Yamil.

Gun Product Firearm Photograph Trigger

Gun Firearm Photograph Trigger White

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Grey Metal Engineering Machine Office equipment

Ammunition Air gun Gun accessory Trigger Silver

Blue Gun Firearm Trigger Metal

Metal Silver Steel Still life photography Revolver


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GLWS...very sweet Hi-Power! I had one years ago in .40s&w...great shooter that I passed along when I got into the USPSA game....needed higher capacity...but man that thing was a shooter and the ergonomics were great.

Someone will jump on this...

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Oh man that's nice. Do not need Do not need Do not need

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Hi, man that EWA hi power is just stunning. I sure thought chuck would have hit it outta the park with that and produced many. Nice novak you are selling also, switch caliber is awesome and run all the hot 9mm you want in that pistol GLWS
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