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SPF to Xringchaser-Ruger Birdshead Vaquero Model 5152, 3.75" Stainless .45ACP TALO Edition

This is a like new stainless six-shooter that has only fired 24 rounds (by original owner). I purchased the pistol locally and had the below listed upgrades done, but I have never fired it so it has only fired 24 rounds. Doug Phillips (DougGuy on Ruger Forum.com) did the cylinder reaming and chamfering on the rear of chambers. This package comes with the original factory parts (grips, trigger spring, base pin, base pin latch, and set screw for free spin modification), factory box, and paperwork.

Cylinders ream to .4525" ~ .4528" and finish with Sunnen hone ($48)
Chamfering rear of the chambers ($30)
Shipping for cylinder work ($12)
Free spin cylinder modification (Set screw removal method)
Wolff 40 oz. Reduced Power Trigger Spring Mfr Part: 17134 ($8)
Belt Mountain base pin ($23)
Belt Mountain base pin latch ($11)
N.C. Ordnance imitation jigged buffalo horn grips ($50)

Priced at $750 plus shipping to your FFL (they must accept from an individual and I will provide a copy of my Driver’s License). SPF to Xringchaser

Item is listed on other forums so please reply via email for quickest reply or pics request. Not interested in trades, no PayPal so USPS Money Order.
[email protected]

Ruger TALO 2.jpg
Ruger TALO 6.jpg
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These Vaqueros are a hoot to shoot!

I’ve got a pair of consecutive serial numbered ones and they are a favorite.

200 grain SWC over a light powder charge is a ton of fun in these pistols.

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