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Well recently I sold my SACS 10MM custom carry I said I would never sell but the buyer was more into it than I was. Loved the gun but he loved it more. Since I got my BEC Springer it just sat in the safe and if someone can enjoy it and appreciate it then it will find a new home. Ive been trying not to get "attached" to objects in life as I refused to sell any guns.

Life happens, need money so it was sold. Now the issue is I have a boat load of 10mm. Underwood, double tap, S&B, Leigh Defense.

I know it wont be a hand fit 10mm, but if anyone has a 10mm that they want to sell please send me a message. My local guy has a 5" railed RMR 10mm TRP for 1500 out the door brand new. The only other 10mm I have is a 29sf. Shooting thousands of rounds out of that will take me a while. I carry that from time to time as well.

Ive seen some good deals here in the forums for 10mm. Dan Wessons and such. Looking for a magwell on it as well.

Just curious on others thoughts on what else is out there thats not a 4k 10mm. Looking for the 2k range. I have a dozen tripp 10mm mags. Just hate to see it sit in the safe room with no 10mm 1911.

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