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Paring down a pile of personal long guns to get the new shop finished,

This one hurts a little, but alas, this M1A is maybe 350 rounds from New, Comes with everything you see here, Box original stock set, sling, original scout mount, original muzz brake, flash hider on the gun, USGI Walnut stock on the gun. IF I CAN FIND IT, I have a scope mount for this rifle somewhere. . . .

I also have 15-20 Mags for it that I will offer to sell to the buyer, I have to dig them out to see what all they are, mostly 20 rounders with a couple 30s I believe...

$1250 Shipped OBO

Gun Shoe Firearm Trigger Gun accessory
String instrument accessory String instrument Wood stain Folk instrument String instrument
Wood Line Hardwood Iron Composite material
Line Parallel Composite material Cylinder Steel
Gun Trigger Grey Gun accessory Gun barrel
Cable Wire Electrical supply Steel
Gun Wood Firearm White Trigger
Metal Iron Rust Shotgun
Synthetic rubber
Cable Stationery Foot Office supplies
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