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Huge fan of the Professional Model and SACS. Legendary customer support? Lately it’s been SERIOUSLY lacking and virtually non-existent.

We don’t do this, we don’t do that anymore, and more. And that’s if you can get them to respond.

Really sad to see such a great custom shop turn into the new Colt or Remington.

Guess I’ll be sending my Pro to Nighthawk for work. End of an era.
Totally agree several years ago I've had a few of their pistols and needed parts and they graciously sent me the parts no questions asked. This was before I opened my shop as a gunsmith. Then in the last year I've needed parts for guns that I was working on for clients and they would not send me nothing. Period. Not so much as even a spring if I needed any parts or wanted anything done to the pistol I had to send it to them to have it done I asked the lady what was going on and she said that they've justChanged the way that they do things I would no longer be sending any parts out to anyone regardless of an FFL or not. I feel your pain believe me I know exactly what it feels like. Frustrating
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