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Thanks ZoidMeister. Your post of what you accomplished with Deadpool was awesome.
If you're not comfortable messing around with the internals of a 1911 (yet), there is one thing I could recommend that might give you better performance. It's cheap and relatively easy to do, but you need one little tool to keep it from being maddening to replace.

Get a Cylinder and Slide light pull sear spring and install it. You will need to completely take out both thumb and grip safeties to make it simple. The tool you need is a plastic spudge tool to push the plunger tube spring and pin back to allow the thumb safety to go back in. These are made by Pachmayr and 10-8. A wooden popsicle stick or tongue depresser would work in a pinch.

I have both the Pachmayr and 10-8 spudge tools. I tend to use the 10-8 tool more as it is a little stiffer and a tad thinner, making for an easier job of it.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts