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Discussion in 'General 1911 talk' started by ajstrider, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. ajstrider

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    Sep 15, 2011
    This pistol has been out on the market a while and see several nice looking pictures you guys have posted of them. What are your guys' opinions on them? Reliability? Accuracy at close range (7-15 yards where it would be most likely to be used)? And just overall feeling of the gun? There is a .40 and 9mm in our local gun shop and they look like a real nice ccw pistol. I have always been leary of these short barreled 1911's, I have seen lots of trouble come from them.
  2. dtshd

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    Sep 18, 2011
    I have a 9mm that was bought in the beginning of the year. It is a good looking firearm, very comfortable in my hand and I can have a good grip of it. The accuracy is scary, it hits wherever I aim up to 15 yards.

    Mine had to go back to SA twice, first time for light primer strike and second time for slide not returning completely. Those problems were fixed by SA but now I noticed the ejector is loose. Still debating if I should just loctite it or send it back for SA to pin it down. This was going to be my carry gun, but that has not happened due to the problems I mentioned.

    Also, mine does not like +p hollow point ammo. I know there are others that feed +p fine, mine did not.

    Hope this helps.

  3. jst1tym

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    Aug 23, 2011
    Wow, where to start! I bought mine new a few years back just when it was featured on the front cover of a Guns-n-Ammo I think, sometime around the beginning of July in 08'. The .40 had not been introduced yet and the 9mm was fine because I reload for it if needed. As mentioned in so many of my posts, my emp shot all ball ammo with ease, 100% of the time, no exceptions. The accuracy really impressed me especially considering a 3" barrel design, it really pleasantly surprised me. I did however have some minor feeding issues using jhp ammo, jamming on the feed ramp, some stovepipes, no big deal as shooting ball ammo for range use was what I mainly focused on. At the time also, I didn't have my CCW yet so carry wasn't even a thought.

    My first impressions shooting the pistol left me wanting. I preferred having a treatment of sorts done on the frt strap so whenever I decided to send it off to SA for the machine checkering, I'd have them address the jhp issue at the same time. So this first trip 10/08, they did the checkering and fixed any feeding problems that I requested. Upon return, the emp looked very good and I had no jhp feeding issues after that. Issues addressed:
    -Cut feed ramp
    -Replace Recoil Spring
    -1911 EMP Recoil Spring-Outer
    -Refit Barrel
    -Refit Frame to Slide
    -Test Fired
    ...and of course the machine checkering @ 30lpi and a refinish on frame

    At a later date and after feeling that the pistol was a keeper and earned a reliability status I decided that being very compact, lightweight, extremely accurate, and totally reliable, that it would be a great concealed carry pistol. Despite being a low round 9mm pistol, I decided it would be just fine for my requirements. So off to get my CCW and order a good IWB rig. After doing much reading on holsters I decided to have one built by Scott at his Big River Leather company. He earned a lot of trust from the members of the Sig forum for his quality and materials. Though his back log was extremely long, and that went with the turf of good craftsmanship, 6mos seemed ok for me. It ended up roughly around 7-1/2mos give or take. But well worth it...

    Since I had a bit of down time on my wait, I really was intrigued by many of the photos from several forum members with personalized/customized emps. A new door had been opened for me. I spoke with John Harrison and a couple of others about some custom work and eventually decided on SA. The decision to go with SA had been mostly about time and warranty related issues. John at the time had customized his daughters emp and it came out nothing short of fantastic. There were a few others that were getting work done on their emp's but John was king of the hill. If I had a little more patience at the time, John would have been my choice. As is, SA did a spectacular job doing all that I had requested. Time and money were good for me at the time also! So off it went a second time 01/11, work as follows:
    -Kings Extended Thumb Single Side Safety
    -Flatten Slide Top and Serrate @ 40lpi
    -Nub Slide Stop (FBI Style)
    -Ball Cuts on Front of Slide
    -Round Off Rear Frame Butt (msh)
    -Refinish Frame
    -Bead Blast Slide
    -Inspect and Test Fire

    This brings us up to date currently. Scott at Big River Leather did a fantastic job on the IWB rig. It was done in mahagony Horse Hide Leather with same lining and charcoal gray Elephant trim. Belt was made to match. Complete job with belt, I think was $260. Seems high, but worth it as it will be with me till...

    Currently I'm getting another itch to just send the slide off someplace to have the rear and frt sights replaced, 10-8 rears and gold bead frt. Additionally the rear of slide serrated to 40lpi to match the serrations of the 10-8's. This is my current wish list thinking as I still have a chunk of $$'s to pay George at Gunslingers for my Wilson build. Basically everything is on hold for that. I still have quite a bit of time till it's completed so I'm planning additional "bucket list" items, and the emp is at the top of that list! As mentioned frequently by me... I love the emp, very compact, lightweight, extremely accurate, reliable and highly customizable.

    I did over time come to find out that my initial minor feeding issues with jhp ammo could probably been resolved by me here at home by polishing up the feed ramp, a good clean and lubrication most likely would have resolved it. Hindsight is after all 20/20! Also, what I've come to find having explored the sd round for suitable reloading. Most important to proper and acceptable feeding of good ammo in my emp had a lo to do with OAL's (overall lengths) and bullet nose shapes. After shooting a lot of different types of ammo I found my emp especially liked a steady diet of Fiocchi ammo. In comparison to other types of ammo, Fiocchi was shorter in the OAL than most, and the emp ate them like candy without a hicc-up of any sorts whatsoever. So I basically used this round being mindful of pressures created with various slow/fast burning powders as my template. I found that the emp also was fond of the Federal Premium Hydra Shok 124gr jhp ammo, so I purchased similar bullet nose shape copper jacketed hollow point bullets, though I would have to do some digging in the spare room to find out which ones I settled with and purchased a quanity of...may have been Berry's?? Well, thats about it, what I may be able to add in this thread. Sorry if it's a bit long winded!
  4. TexShooter

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    Aug 19, 2011
    Wow. What a write up.

    I'll be brief... I had issues feeding JHP at first, sent it back to SA on their dime for warranty work then to the custom shop for checkering, undercut front strap, round butt, strong side safety, and crown the barrel. It's since been 100% with everything I've fed it.
  5. polizei1

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    Aug 18, 2011
    Junk, I wouldn't own one. :peep:
  6. jst1tym

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    Aug 23, 2011
    Especially one customized by Harrison :lol:
  7. rsxr22

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    Aug 17, 2011
    The 9mm is a straight workhorse and I recommend you drive to the gun shop tomorrow morning and buy it!!!! I absolutely love mine! Probably one of my most favorite guns to shoot, its accurate, reliable and fit is very good for a production gun except the ATD of the rear extractor fit.
    Buy a 9mm, dont buy the .40 and it will be one of your smartest purchases youve made, i promise

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