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Springfield Milspec...kinda

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It's a Springfield Milspec with a few changes for personal preference.

Blacked out white dots on the rear sight
Kart NM barrel with EGW bushing
Wilson Bullet Proof extractor
Harrison small radius firing pin stop
Wilson Bullet Proof steel firing pin with Wilson extra power spring
EGW long nose recoil spring plug
Wilson 18 lb recoil spring
VIS relief cut
Dan Wesson thumb safety
Wilson plunger spring
Harrison retro ignition set with Harrison hammer strut
Harrison Tri-Cav trigger
Colt sear spring
Wilson magazine catch spring
Ed Brown 25 LPI flat mainspring housing
Wilson 21 lb mainspring
Challis grip screw bushings with o rings
Wood Caliber grips
Wilson reliability package

Air gun Trigger Wood Everyday carry Gun barrel
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...... I have one that's had work done and out for more with one of our guys for a 22 delivery. I am enjoying the process very much.SA makes a great base gun....I think I'll get a Garrison for my next one.
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