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I’ve got a pro with about 50 rounds through it
All the mags and the card I could be persuaded to let go

I’ve thought about letting it go several times
But my physical location makes listing things hard

I will be with the gun Monday
And then back with it end of month
We could make something happen via pm

Crabby Old Gunsmith
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Ever since I heard the news about the Custom Shop being no more, I have wanted to "pick up" that model and offer my "updated" vision of an evolved version of the Pro. I know at the old shop I used a lot of the original Pro spec parts, etc.

I think in rolling out the Prime HRT Pro, I would be interested in input from the family here. The more viewpoints I can get, the better.

1.) Finish in my mind is going to be a full blackout DLC (say goodbye to an easily damaged finish)
2.) U Notch rear sight with Orange Ring Tritium out front
3.) Wilson BP style slide stop w/the usual treatment
4.) Billet Ambi Safety
5.) Black G10 Grips of some sort. (was looking at stoner cnc yesterday)
6.) Perhaps flat trigger?
7.) Thick EGW barrel bushing w/matching plug
8.) Reworked slide markings
9.) Railed or Standard frame available.

Reply with any input you may have.
1 - 20 of 153 Posts