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Springfield Range Officer-Hardcase,Holster Mag Pouch 3 mags $300
Alchemy Invoice, test target 820
Supplied Parts 329

Total Package $1449

This is a really nice Package......$820 Invoice from Alchemy with Customer Supplied Parts. Rob's Initials are on the Invoice
EGW Firing Pin Stop $20
Harrison HD120 True Radius Ignition kit 140
Harrison Smooth Trigger 30
Karty Barrel Bushing Fitted 20
Dawson Fibre Optic Sight 39
Ed Brown Tactical Mag Catch 15
VZ Grips 65

Total Parts $329

$1149 in Parts and Labor add Pistol at 300 = $1449

Look at the Test Target .862 of an Inch!!! 3lb, 3oz Trigger Pull
$1449 Shipped to FFL , Long Layaways Available

Dont Let this One Get Away!!

Trade Interest More Recent Dan Wesson Pointman Nine in Excellent Condition
Plus some Cash


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ACW worked over my Springfield “Loaded” model a few years ago. I don’t own as many 1911’s as many other members but my “Loaded 2.0” is still the favorite in my collection. You couldn’t buy mine for twice this price.
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