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Ok, here we have another catch and release. I picked this up used a couple of months ago. marked Ronin Operator. Added the Wilson slide release, have the original, and an EGW smooth faced recoil spring plug, original blue included too. It didn't have the box or extra fiber rods when I got it so it'll come in a padded rug. I've put 200 rounds through it of both fmj and Gold Dot hp and it shoots like a lazer and 100% reliable.

Comes with 2 Wilson 10rd mags (1 blue, 1 stainless). I can't find the 9rd factory mag but will send it along when/if I do find it. Also comes "prior owner idiot scratch" included LOL. My S&W addiction requires this one heads to a new home. Happy to facetime or anything else, I have positive feedback here also. Most payment methods accepted. I can normally only get to the shipping dealer on Saturday but this week I can on Monday and Tuesday as well. Same for a local sale.

$675 shipped ffl to ffl, $625 local includes ffl fee. Most payment methods accepted from established members, no trades. Thanks.

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