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Christmas Discount, add’l 25 percent off.

A few pocket knives. Purchased new from authorized dealers. Original packaging. PayPal F&F.

1. $100. $75 **SOLD** Spyderco Manix 2. Grey G10/52100 DLC blade. Limited 2019 release/sold out. Carried and used but nothing aggressive. A light sharpen is all it needs. $155 new.
2. $110. $80 Spyderco Manix 2. Black Smooth G10/Cruwear blade. Limited 2019 release/sold out. Handled, carried some but barely used (paper & cloth test only). Awesome steel and very smooth action on this one. $120 new.
3. $75. $55 Great Eastern Cutlery (GEC) Toothpick. 2019 release/sold out. Aqua color. NIB. $95 new.
4. $40 $30 Case Barlow. Caribbean Blue color. NIB. $54 new.

Thanks for looking!

White Blade Knife Black Grey

White Blade Knife Black Hunting knife

Blue Electric blue Azure Guitar accessory Metal

Blue Musical instrument accessory Azure Guitar accessory Electric blue

Blade Teal Knife Turquoise Everyday carry

Knife Teal Kitchen utensil Turquoise Tool

Skimboarding Everyday carry Natural material Silver Surfing Equipment

Product Lavender Plastic Circle Silver
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