SS EVO 0017 pics

Discussion in '1911 Photo Gallery' started by EvolutionArmory, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. EvolutionArmory

    EvolutionArmory Well-Known Member

    Sep 9, 2011
    Just shipped this out to Texas Patriot Arms and snapped a few pics before it went.

    fullsizeoutput_2db.jpeg fullsizeoutput_2dd.jpeg fullsizeoutput_2e0.jpeg fullsizeoutput_2e1.jpeg fullsizeoutput_2e2.jpeg fullsizeoutput_2e3.jpeg fullsizeoutput_2e4.jpeg
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  2. SparkyAZ

    SparkyAZ It is a dry heat, right... Supporting Addict

    Sep 11, 2012
    Very nice David. Classic build.

  3. Scaramouche

    Scaramouche Student of the Columbian Exchange Supporting Addict

    Sep 15, 2015
    That's all business, awesome looking pistol.
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  4. NPV

    NPV Well-Known Member

    Nov 15, 2017
    My god..........I need to scratch together the funds for an Evo build, simply outstanding
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  5. switchback

    switchback Well-Known Member

    Jun 2, 2014
    Stunning, nice job, Dave
  6. azguy1911

    azguy1911 I'm done buying guns, I'm just a bystander now

    Oct 22, 2015
    Incredible, a real jaw dropper :jawdrop:
  7. Integrity Arms

    Integrity Arms 1911 Pistol Smith

    Mar 20, 2017
    great job Dave, and thanks again for all your help...That's fantastic...
  8. cwoods

    cwoods Well-Known Member

    May 12, 2016
    Lots to love there.
  9. Colt1911Guy

    Colt1911Guy Lifetime NRA member

    Aug 27, 2017
    Wow, that’s nice.
    The gs looks like a solid piece, very nice.
    I like the top treatment also, great work man, I like how you take it through the sights too.
  10. Greg45acp

    Greg45acp Double Secret Banned Supporting Addict

    Oct 31, 2016
  11. Journeyman1234

    Journeyman1234 Well-Known Member

    Feb 28, 2017
    Outstanding! That gun looks amazing!
  12. 41 Charlie

    41 Charlie Get off my lawn...

    Feb 4, 2014
    Another Home Run, Dave!

  13. EvolutionArmory

    EvolutionArmory Well-Known Member

    Sep 9, 2011
    I should also mention that Texas Patriot Arms is also receiving its Ionbond twin
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  14. SHOKDU

    SHOKDU Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2013
    Looks great Dave!
  15. Billy Rao

    Billy Rao Well-Known Member

    Jan 4, 2018
    Sweet looking pistol Dave. Really like the clean lines and the gold line front site. Kudos on your craftsmenship.
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  16. salelcid

    salelcid Well-Known Member Supporting Addict

    Nov 28, 2015
    Wow!!!looks great.
  17. cwoods

    cwoods Well-Known Member

    May 12, 2016
  18. puddi_nugget

    puddi_nugget Well-Known Member

    Feb 5, 2014
  19. 1911fanatic

    1911fanatic Well-Known Member

    Nov 27, 2011
    Looks like one hell of a sweet shooter. Good work Dave.

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