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Staccato C DPO

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Beautiful, now-discontinued, Staccato C DPO (optic ready)
I believe this is a 2022 model but I can’t remember exactly. I can supply serial to anyone interested.
I bought this from my FFL who never fired it because he got another pistol he liked better the same week. I’m officially the second owner. I have put 300-400 rounds down range and have taken meticulous care and kept it wet. There are NO cosmetic of function issues whatsoever.
A few months ago I dropped a full mag at the range at broke the baseplate. I called Staccato and they sent me a whole new mag under warranty, hence 4 (one with no baseplate) in the pics.
Every piece of paper, extra fiber rods, tools, takedown clip, all in the bag.
$1675.00 shipped from my FFL to yours.
Any questions feel free to DM. If you need more pics just let me know what you need!
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