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Staccato XC with extras

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I am reposting my Staccato XC as I have a couple of new interests. The gun has been great, what little I have used it. I am the original owner and purchased this from Staccato. It is in like new condition with zero flaws, both mechanical and cosmetically, and is completely factory with red front fiber currently installed. The package will come with the black Staccato soft case, six factory/Staccato magazines, all the factory goodies/papers, a second 9mm compensated/fitted barrel, POI/zero confirmation cards for both barrels, and a blue hex Hammer Armament Thunder 3 gun holster. I also have a Safariland 6390 in route for it. The package WILL NOT come with the X300 light that is currently on the gun. $4850 plus shipping for Hammer holster, $4950.00 with Safariland instead. I accept Paypal or Venmo via F&F or buyer pays fees. I will also accept a certified/cashiers check mailed either to myself or my local gun dealer. These are prices to your FFL with a photocopy of my DL. I am open to trades or trades plus cash but prefer to sell. My main interests are a C2/CS/P with cash or at Atlas Erebus with cash on my end. Feel free to contact me with any additional questions, concerns, or offers. Thanks!
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Would you sell just the extra barrel? I tried to get one from Staccato and they told me they wouldn’t do it
Would you sell just the extra barrel? I tried to get one from Staccato and they told me they wouldn’t do it
No, its fitted to my gun.
No, its fitted to my gun.
That doesn’t mean it can’t be used/fitted to a different gun. I understand though. GLWS
Seller is good to go, buy with confidence. GLWS!
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Sweet package! Lots of value for the money. Wish it was in the budget right now. GLWS and a bump!
Consider this a free bump for a very nice weapon. Why 2 barrels?
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