SOLD STI Hex Tac 4.0 W/RMR - Price Drop

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  1. Macthepunisher

    Macthepunisher Active Member

    Aug 28, 2015
    Picked this up recently, But unfortunately I am just to much of a Glock guy, or not a 2011 guy I guess... So here is your chance to get a one of a kind STI.
    Weapon has had 1500 through it. Weapon racks like butter.

    Weapon is in good condition, but has some wear and scratches, but that what STI's are supposed to look like. They are built to shoot and to shoot a lot.
    please review photos.

    STI HexTac 4.0 with a Professional Milled slide for an RMR (work done by Clark Trost at cnc holsters)
    RMR 07 type 1
    3 Mags

    Trades: B&T 9mm weapons
    Springfield professional operator 9mm
    Wilson 9mm railed
    Aimpoint (t2/m5)

    Cash can be added either way on trades.

    Email is the fastest way to get ahold of me ([email protected])

    Paypal F&F preferred
    I have 165+ feedback on Ar15com
    $1800 Shipped FFL to FFL - I have found something I want, Shoot me a reasonable cash offer, I just may take it.

    Thanks for looking LRG_RV109877.jpg LRG_RV109878.jpg LRG_RV109879.jpg LRG_RV109880.jpg LRG_RV109881.jpg LRG_RV109882.jpg LRG_RV109883.jpg LRG_RV109884.jpg LRG_RV109885.jpg LRG_RV109886.jpg
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  2. ChuckC

    ChuckC Well-Known Member Supporting Addict

    Feb 2, 2016
    Drool. I emailed already from arf, such a cool build.

  3. Macthepunisher

    Macthepunisher Active Member

    Aug 28, 2015
    Price Drop to 1800 Shipped.

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