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For sale is an indistinguishable from new STI Sentinel Premier. This gun has 100 rounds down the barrel and could pass for new. The frame is finished in black cerakote and the slide is beautifully blued. It’s one of the most beautiful looking and sweetest shooting 1911’s I’ve ever owned. I’ve had 1911’s that cost thousands more but none that look or shoot better then this STI Sentinel Premier. STI has discontinued their single stack steel frame 1911’s to focus on the 2011 double stack market which is a shame as they built some of the nicest 1911’s in the industry.

STI Sentinel Premier
MSRP - $2,295
10 round Wilson Combat ETM magazine
5 inch, match grade, ramped and supported barrel
Length – 8.5 in
Weight – 36.7
Slide finish – Blued
Frame – Black cerakote
Front sight – STI tritium
Rear sight – Dawson Percision adjustable
Grips – Checkered black Cristobal​

Asking $1,600 shipped. Paid via PayPal “friends and Family”

Happy Holidays!!!

STI S1.jpg
STI S2.jpg
Sent slide 3.jpg
Sent Slide 4.jpg
Sent slide 5.jpg

I'm just here for the gas.
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I had this exact model and caliber. He’s not lying- it’s silky smooth and beautifully built. Coincidentally I’m in the process of buying a different STI, or I’d go for this in a split second. GLWS.
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