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Anyone watch Tony's latest infomercial? I watched it in it's entirety, and I'm still a bit cloudy about the Warranty Statement.

At about the 1:19 mark, Tony goes into detail by starting off with the statement that there's still the Lifetime Warranty for the Original Owner......

Then I heard the statement: "what if I bought the gun used and I'm not the original owner"? The he states that in the next 30 days an (non-original) owner can go online (to the STI website?) and claim to be the original owner which I'm thinking will allow him/her reciprocity into the Lifetime Warranty.

Would hope to generate some discussion as to whether my understanding is correct or not!

Buck, Descartian? Can either of you offer any clarification?

If this is true, and for instance, I am registered as the original owner of my Stac P; then if I decide to sell it in the future my prospective purchaser would be SOL with regards to any warranty!

And, if I were to attempt to purchase a used gun that the owner had rightfully registered, then I would have no warranty whatsoever on that purchase?

Sure hope I'm wrong on this!
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