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    Guy goes into a clothing store, deals with a high pressure salesman and, ends up buying a cheap suit. Salesman measures and fits suit and the guy pays and leaves the suit for alteration.

    Guy returns and tries the suit on. He tells the salesman the coat is too short.

    "You're holding your shoulders too far back and too high," says the salesman "drop your shoulders and bring them forward a bit."

    "OK" says the guy, "but the sleeve length is unequal."

    "You're too rigid, drop your right arm and raise the left a bit."

    "Better", the guy says. "but the trouser leg length is unequal now."

    "No problem, just bend your left knee a bit and stand down hard on your right foot."

    "OK, looks good now", the guy says. Salesman shakes the guy's hand and he walks out of the store being careful to maintain his posture as instructed by the salesman and quite proud of the deal he got on his suit.

    He meets two Nuns on the sidewalk. "Good Morning, Sisters", he beams

    After passing, one Nun says " Oh pity that poor fellow, did you notice all his deformities?"

    "Oh for sure," says the other, "but didn't his suit fit nice?"
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    The VP at my first company told this joke during a Corporate meeting in front of 150 of us. He went through all the motions described in the joke. By the end he was laughing so hard at himself, and we were laughing at him...he could hardly get the punch line out. It was funny then, still is thinking about him doing it. That was early 1970’s.
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