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Super Cheapo Ultimate Bubba Build Challenge!

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Doing a build for fun! Using all leftover scrap parts , a $20 raw casting I overcut the rails on this summer , and a $60 llama 9mm Commander length slide that came with a bunch of parts.

And to make this thread fun,
Please post your cheapest build, the Bubba' ier the better. Rattle can /unfinished, weird Frankenstein, duct tape, jb weld, plumber solder, egged holed, over Parkerised , scaly ,scummy, homemade , awesomeNess.

I'm going to use my strangest oddball parts on this, a Deltonic Ambi slide stop off a combat master, a 2 piece guide rod I made from tapping and hardening some rod stock(trying to incorporate a laser bore sighter, looking for 22lr one, or other with tiny batteries), a diy trigger i made with a shoe , square or extended swappable, blued bar,added over travel screw, adj tab, a really interesting italiam Adjustable Hammer, clear "baby doll" Plexiglas grips with a few different pics & things to mount behind, pin up girl, pics of my grandfather & uncle, & a stream punk clock & watch gear thing. A funky aluminum grip safety with a non standard radius, a homemade bobbed MSH I'm making out of a spanish arched steel MSH, an officer main spring. some old slotted copper plated grip screws , bushings, whatever else I can find thst looks interesting, weird, hillbilly or ghetto.

Electroplating the slide and/or frame & parts , a mix of copper, and nickle, black & white powder coating, torch n oil bluing, grey gunkote, black matte guncote, who knows,maybe just black it out.

Oh, and I may to try a couple alternative methods to fix the over cut rails without welding them.

1. electroplate / electroform nickel over copper to build them up . (Actually not that far out of spec, just rattles)

1.a use powder coat in an unconventional way, possiblypossibly by filling a toaster oven tray 1/4" full of powder, then putting the frame in it upside down, cooking, then milling the hardened powder coat layer.

2. (Wierd on e) Drill slightly oversize round holes in the slide.
Straight down the slide frame rail slots, and then weld hardened steel rods in place of standard frame rails . . Like. ....oh I forget who does a similar mod, but a Removable version..can't remember.....Oh! Doug Jones Accu Rails! Except mine will be larger and completely replace the rails.
3. Grind the whole top deck off, (not for this build, but I was thinking it would a better way than peening or welding up rails ). Cut & weld on a piece of flat stock ( shaped like s ruler) that slides nicely inside the slide on top, , cut out holes for the mag, etc

4. Let it rattle, & hope the flgr helps. They say rail fit Doesn't affect accuracy more than 10% " they say". Hoping, attention to barrel lower lugs & making sure the bushing is wrench tight may

Probably a mix of #4, and #1.

Obviously not a match gun. Just something for fun in spare time.

My goal is 2- 3" groups at 7-10 yards. And less than 1 in 100 ftf , fte, or other screw ups.

Parts list and prices.

$60 -
Seemingly unfired Llama ix 9mm slide,4.25 pencil barrel (sticks out 1/4") (1911 standard measurements,, with nice external extractor, not a flat), and original fitted 9mm barrel w link, with Match fit bushing. Looks like top lugs were professionally fitted well.

I dehorned and started polishing it last night, when it came it was black with gunk , covered in grease, scratched n banged up, , but by the perfect barrel bore & shiny blued small parts condition ,zero rail and part wear, I would be surprised if it was fired more than 100 times. Theory, Cheap gun (250 or so new in 79 ) . Looks to have lived in tool box, tackle box, truck box, who knows. Seller didn't know.

Came with unknown brand 1911 parts, a new sharp sear, new pins, recoil springs, spur hammer, 2 sears, stock firing pin & springs, & new stainless firing pin (never saw a llama pin in stainless, slightly different than a standard 1911, inertia, but still little longer, different rings etc, will post pic pics, I think someone made it), new looking 9mm llama extractor, sharp hook, not deformed or bottom smoothed.

{{ $60 included slide, barrel and these parts probably not being used on this build, 1911 interchangeable , very shiny nice comfortable blued grip & thumb safety,& slide stop,steel arched lined complete MSH (holes a little off placed, but I'm bobbing it anyway ) extra brl bushing , trigger, few links, pins, mini wedge rear sight, an adjustable rear sight that won't fit }}.
$15. EGW extended 9mm ejector (member)
$10 older dan Wilson I piece FLGR w plug & spring
(Have my homemade one,so not counting $)
$free grip bushings
(NoidMeister, Ty Curly!)
$1, drilling and adding fiber Optic to existing front sight.(have spares front sight)
$20 Italian adjustable hammer, been wanting to try it ( bin )
$20 Detonics ambi slide stop (in bin )
$15 Ambi safety, Colt, parts ( bin.)
$10 unconventional beavertail aluminum grip safety (bin)
Plexiglas grips with pics or watch n clock gears (wish they turned) (bin)
$20 frame casting,

So about $100!
(Yes, adds up to more, but lots of stuff already had)

Now some pics. I KNOW some of you HAVE to have weird projects you cut corners on, were not happy with, buggered up, Frankenstein d up for the hell of it, PLEASE post pics of your strange, poor, or, early builds.
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While this only pertains to the frame and it's internals. This one cost me $38 and most of that was the transfer fee for the frame. All the small parts came from other addicts who donated to the cause.

That one doesn't look too bad though!!

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