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    Jan 27, 2019
    So maybe not directly firearm related but I'm a big fan of Surefire as I believe in the buy once cry once mentality. Long story short I have a Surefire Sidekick on my Keychain and wouldn't you know it I dropped my car keys on a totally non operator non combat type situation...iced tea and car keys in the same hand....weakside obviously. Light dead upon hitting the deck emailed Surefire and said yeah I broke it...argh. Surefire replied almost immediately with a RMA and said yeah we'll fix that, soldered connection broke. Really dig companies that warranty "battle proven" products when you break them in a parking lot from a distance of 3' while not returning gunfire in a hostile environment! Thumbs up Surefire.

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    Nov 28, 2018
    Yup, Defender 6P. Surefire has fixed it twice in the last 10 years. Ill still buy another despite its appitite for CR123's. ;)
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