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I bought this one used. It sat on an AR pistol (mounted at 12 o'clock) that never saw any real range time. I sold the firearm well over a year ago and this light has no home.

I am not a Surefire expert, but going off the serial number A01884 it's a 600 lumen but it's a very defined white hot spot compared to my 1000 lumen yellowish hot spot. Hell, it could be a 1000 lumen, I don't recall the sales ad when I bought it and I have no way to measure light intensity.

This one has been sitting and just trying to pay some stuff off. It has some minor handling marks (bought it that way), however its in nice shape. Sorry, no box.... that's how I bought it. Just the light and used batteries.

Remember, this one has a thumb screw attachment, some holsters will not accommodate a B version light. You will need an A version.

$140 shipped US CONT ONLY
No Trades
Post an I will take it and immediately follow up with a PM for payment options.

The right side of the lens, it is not an imperfection.... it's the reflection of my wall.

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