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SVI Infinity 38 Super Tribrid Optic Racegun

This is my idea of the ultimate all-around 38 Super racegun. Mega High capacity, SVI parts quality, precision fit and match-grade accuracy. The 6" Tribid AET barrel will cycle major and minor loads and will shoot them all with pinpoint accuracy. The Tribrid was developed by Wil Schuemann as a more efficient compensator design that had all the benefits but didn't have the excessive frontal weight of most long slide comp guns. It is quite loud! Will work with 38 super and Super comp.

This was built by an IPSC gunsmith Ron Downs of Oregon with all machining by one of the greatest masters, Noel Alfaro. This build uses almost all SVI Infinity parts (when SV infinity used to sell slides and frames) as Ron's personal gun before he passed away. It is very easy to shoot 1” groups at 25 yards with factory ammo with this setup.

SVI short dustcover stainless frame with SVI trigger group

SVI 6” stainless tribrid cut slide, rear serrations with interchangeable breechface

Docter Optic low cut (SVI factory)

German Docter red dot sight in excellent condition

1.75# trigger

ALL SVI Parts (slide, frame, small parts except for EB deactivated grip safety)

Schumann AET TRIBRID comp barrel

Comes with one tuned magazine

Since this gun was built with a stainless slide and frame, there is some up and down play in the slide/frame fit but since the optic is mounted on the slide it doesn't affect accuracy one bit.

Gun is as slick and reliable as it can possibly be. Optic works flawlessly.

If a similar pistol was ordered from SVI, the replacement cost would approach $7500



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Congratulations guys!
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