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On March 1, 2013 I purchased a Aimpoint T1 2MOA and Larue Tactical tall mount (from G&R Tactical) for an SBR I was building.

Nov 2013, I painted my SBR with Aervoe paint.

It went to a Travis Haley class in that time frame and I have shot it from time to time but mainly it has been asleep as I am issued an SBR at work and covered in M4s at regular work and academy.

It is still on the same battery from 2013 and I later added the TangoDown cover.

Anyway... my 57+ year old eyes and single dots are no longer dots. I much prefer the Holosun reticle options.

This was the SBR in 2019 with slight changes from 2013 but the same ol durable and always works T1. I have switched to the EoTech looking Holosun.

$400 shipped US CONT ONLY (PM for payment preference)
Sorry, no trades. I will buy a new battery to add to the package.
I believe I still have original packaging.

In taking the images and looking at it from all angles...I came across this on the center of the lense.

You cannot see it when looking straight through. I thought it was a finger print at first but a soft cloth did not remove it. The more I look at it... its on the inside.

Anyway.... it does not affect function or view of the dot.
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