Colt Taking John Harrison's handiwork to the range

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    A few months ago John Harrison was kind enough to take on my father's 101 year old US Army Colt as a repair. The barrel link pin was worn and dropping out. As I visited with him in Kennesaw, he took the pistol apart and noted some wear on the feet of the original barrel and recommended the bowtie modification on the frame. I understood what he was talking about and agreed to have it done. While I was there, I asked if he could recommend some highly visible sights for my SA Mil Spec (the best $500 ever spent), and he showed me Truglo's TFX Pro sights and I said those would fit the bill. We spoke several times and after inspecting the Colt a little further, he recommended replacing the barrel due to pitting. He said it could be shot on a limited basis as is, but frankly I wanted to shoot it (I finished sixth in Oklahoma's Governor's Twenty using back in the early 1990s, and I have enjoyed this pistol). I also had seen a mention of a trigger that John sells that has a set overtravel adjustment, and I asked him to add that to the Springfield.

    Several months later, I picked these up on Friday.


    The Colt looked awesome.


    And the new Colt barrel looked good as well.


    I was able to shoot these groups offhand at 15 yards.


    The Springfield came back better as well. The sights looked great.


    The trigger is very crisp and does not have that damnable hole.


    I shot this 6 round group.


    I need more time with it.

    A young friend who is a Force Recon Marine went with me to the range. He grew up next to my in-laws in Tulsa, so I have watched him grow up and think very highly of him. One of the nice things about his job is he gets to send a LOT of rounds down range, and since he was visiting us, I told him that I had something I wanted him to shoot.

    I have always said that I wanted to see my Hellcat shot by someone with steadier hands better eyes, and it just happened to be my Marine friend. The left plate is me shooting 3 round at 15 yards offhand. The right plate was done by Mr. Recon, his first 4 rounds ever fired with the GI. And when I say "fired", I mean "BAMBAMBAMBAM" fired.


    He came away completely jazzed with the Hellcat. His unit carries the Colt 1911, and he has put thousands of rounds through his, but I have a feeling that when he is home some time, he may make a trip over to Arkansas to order one for himself.
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    It's great that you can shoot your father's pistol. Congrats and Happy Shooting!
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    Very nice, subtle touches on the Colt. Well done my friend...
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    Very nice, thanks for the update.
    Is that Alumagrips on the SA?
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    "Archangel grips with integrated magazine funnel", Midway USA 29.99. I actually like them.

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