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I bought this last summer when Ted had it in his shop knowing it would be a place holder until mine was completed.

My steel 9mm Commander is out for hard/chrome and will be done in the next 60 days and my KGB 9mm Commander Lightweight build is nearing completion so....BOOM

Ted said it was late a 1952 / early 1953 Colt Commander 38 super Lightweight. The previous owner took delivery in 2019 shot one magazine and put it away until I took stewardship of it in July of 2021. I've shot it a fair amount, maybe 400-500 rounds and carried it several dozens times.

Ted's blue'ing and prep work is unmatched, it's gorgeous. This is a "od' to the the past retro build with serrations and no checkering, a rounded slide-top and a staked and silver soldered front sight and retro rear. It shoots amazing, soft and accurate.

Ships with 2 magazines, both archive letters and a pistol rug. I have several sets of grips from Sarge and Cherokee Hills if someone wants a different look than what I have on it. We can work that out.

$9,800 shipped and fully insured

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