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Could not agree more...In my view, Ted is one of the G.O.A.T.'s in this business. There are many excellent full house custom smiths out there...very (and I mean very) few that are in the same technical league as Ted. Add to his impeccable gun building skills, but he's also an ethical/stand-up guy, class act and solid businessman. Yost has it all in spades and is at the apex of his craft!

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Awesome example of a custom pistol. Thank you for sharing.
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Gorgeous gun all the way around. That鈥檚 absolute perfection. You are right. Yost knows how to add the right amount of Jazz without offending. One of these days I want to send in a WW1 replica that I have to Yost or Burton. That鈥檚 truly a work of art. The white grips really do look amazing on that gun. Also tasteful without going over the top. Lucky lucky lucky..

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I have had my Ted Yost Colt for a little over three years now and the details and craftsmanship of this pistol still impress me. I spent a long time and a lot of money trying to replicate a Yost before finally sucking it up, buying the right base gun and sending it to him to work his magic. For me, every detail is my favorite variant of what can be done to a 1911. From the barrel crown, slide top, slide stop, thumb safety, to the widows peak on the beavertail, and that is before I even touch on the checkering. Aesthetically Ted's current work is what I consider to be the pinnacle of the custom 1911. Aesthetics aside though, people often forget that Ted got his start making working guns and making other peoples guns run. That foundation has not been lost in his current work and this is as nice shooting as any 1911 I've ever ran that has been absolutely reliable.

Admittedly I find myself shooting iron sight single stacks less and less these days, 2011's and M&P's consume most of my range days, but I make a point to stretch my Yost's legs at least a few times every year.

There are many interpretations of the custom 1911 that I love, and of course I wish I could try them all, but above all others, Ted's is the one that speaks to me the most. This vision produces the Holland and Holland of 1911's. A style that is always attractive and never offensive.

Anyway, that is my three year update with the pistol, here are some new pictures.
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Widows Peak
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American Classic. Ted Yost is a true master.
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