Testing 9mm Defensive Ammo in the EMP 4

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    Note: This is not an ammo review. It's a range report on compatibility and function testing my gun to satisfy myself that various defensive ammo runs reliably. I make some comments about the ammo and how it worked for me, but if you want a 9mm ammo test @Sterling Archer posted some a couple of years ago:

    Today I shot several different brands/weights of defensive ammo in my EMP 4. I only have about 1,000 rounds through it and have never tested it for ammo compatibility and function. I've been collecting boxes for a month or so, waiting to get enough to make it worth testing.

    I never shot this many different types of ammo in one range session before. And I never shot any subsonic. It was pretty interesting. Most of them were very similar in recoil, but the GA Arms subsonic were super soft and really quiet. Toward then end of the session I was shooting a little bit of rapid fire, mixing the HST and the GA Arms because I had 50 of each instead of 20. The first time I had a subsonic round go off it was following about four of the HST rounds and I thought I had a squib.

    Of course I didn't. Every round, every brand, every weight, worked smoothly and without a hiccup. There were differences, though.


    I shoot these little 2" squares with the 1" square inside it from 5 to 7 yards. The idea is to hit the 1" square all the time. I don't always, but I do pretty often. Today I had some spare 2" Shoot-N-See bullseye stickers, too.

    I had previously been through four of these sheets when I took this pic. The RH sheet is Federal HST. It was really quite good despite the appearance of the cartridges being dirty and a little rough. The four left-most targets on the LH sheet were Sig V-Crown 124gr. I had the same or better results with the Sig V-Crown 147 gr. They were both very accurate and consistent.

    The two right-most targets on the LH sheet were Remington Golden Saber 124 gr. See that big hole that's about 1" low? Every shot went there. I don't know why but every single shot was 1" low. It was definitely consistent, but definitely low.

    The Sig was excellent, and the appearance is top-notch. Where the HST looks like it was reloaded in the dark by a black market ammo maker, the Sig rounds are pristine. That's probably what I will use when it's available. The HST is good, just not as pretty. And any of them will work just fine if I find myself in a situation where I can't be picky.

    One last thing. As a conclusion to the day I decided to spend 50 rounds of some new Fiocchi .45ACP ammo I got. I haven't shot Fiocchi .45ACP target rounds before, preferring S&B when I can get it. But I got 2,000 rounds of Fiocchi at $0.27/rd delivered last week and that's a pretty good deal.

    So I rattled off 4 mags worth, strong hand only. The ammo is really consistent and it is on point at the 5-7 yd distances . I like it just as well as the S&B, but I think it's harder to get.


    I've got several different types of .45ACP defensive rounds. I will probably do a round up on that as well when I get my V-Bob back, so I can validate the Check-Mate 8-round low-profile mags I got recently.
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