The Baddest

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    Four Service men were sitting around a campfire drinking beer and talking. It went like this:

    Air Force: "We're the baddest! We can fly in nape of the earth, drop guns to partisans, bombs on the capital, food to the masses, and still figure our how to bring back a case of the local hootch before breakfast!

    Navy: "We're the Baddest! We can dominate the sea, air surface and depths for hundreds of miles around us, locate smugglers, sink pirates and pound the living h*ll out of inland targets, and still get a hot meal and a shower!"

    Marine: "We're the baddest! any thing, anyone , anytime, anyplace--it's destroyed overnight at minimum taxpayer expense!"

    Paratrooper: He didn't say anything, he just sipped his beer and continues sharpening his e-tool on his d*ck.
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    Did you jump? ....just a little at

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