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Business End Customs

“To offer the highest quality custom pistols that are truly unique with the emphasis on being a functional defensive pistol... a "Fighting Gun" - Lou Biondo

Lou started out tinkering with pistols as a hobby back in 2005. He was intrigued by the 1911 platform to the point of obsession. All he wanted to do was learn as much as he could about it and slowly his hobby turned into a career. He’s a self-taught pistolsmith who learned by doing. Over the years, with the friendship, advice and guidance of other top-notch smiths, he has honed his skills to a very high level.

Folks, this gun is somewhat of a unique one. A miscommunication with a customer who really wanted a 9mm instead of a .45, led to the opportunity for me to cut in line and take over the project with Lou. A significant amount had already been done, and I went with Lou’s recommendations on most of the choices still left to make. I did ask if it could be blued instead of Cerakoted, expecting him to say no. But instead of taking the easy road, he obliged by sending it to Bunker Arms, who did a magnificent job with the finish. My request caused an additional delay but, in my opinion well worth it. What resulted is something you may not have seen before and may not see again for a while… a “Blued Biondo”. Everything about this gun is superb; from the flutes, to the sights, to the finish, to some of the prettiest wood grips I’ve ever seen in person.

Lou’s known for building “fighting guns”. I don’t know, this build looks to me like equal parts fighting gun and BBQ gun, but I believe it shows a strong desire to build a pistol as close to perfection as humanly possible. I’m a relative newcomer to BEC and this is only the second one I’ve ever held in my hands, but I kid you not I see a lot of beautiful guns and I am blown away by its beauty. See if you agree.

Salient Build Details:
· BEC carbon Government frame and slide
· Fit slide to frame
· Machine sight dovetails
· Machine custom rear flute cocking serrations
· Fit Kart NM barrel, Fluted w/Wilson link
· Bevel bottom of slide
· BEC Roman Flute treatment front strap w/ high undercut
· BEC Roman Flute treatment on blank mainspring housing
· Flat top & Flute top of slide
· Curly Koa grips by Dustin Hill of Burkett Customs
· Round mainspring housing heel
· Complete carry bevel
· Scoop bottom, shortened & radiused slide stop and chamfer hole
· Premium fit, contoured and blended grip safety
· Flute grip safety pad
· Ball cut slide
· Action job at 4lbs
· BEC Elite rear sight
· Fabricated custom white ball front sight
· Flush & crown barrel
· Flute barrel chamber
· Satin bead blasted barrel, crown, trigger and hammer
· Bluing by Bunker Arms

Addicts Price $8,900 or $9,200 credit card
(no trades please)

Click Here for link to Additional Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ywayp3qLKoWiYXjd7
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