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    Three college buddies were commissioned in three branches of the service--Army, Navy, and Air Force--where they made their careers.

    Although they maintained their friendship through the years, they argued long, bitterly, and inconclusively as to which service was the best.

    They years wore on, and the three were called to their Heavenly rest, where they continued the dispute.

    One day, they encountered Saint Peter, who asked what all the fuss was about. The three officers explained their argument and appealed to St. Peter to tell them once and for all which of their branches was the best.

    Saint Peter reflected and admitted the question had never come up before. He agreed, however, to ask God and to get the definitive word.

    Some time later, the officers again ran into Saint Peter and eagerly asked if he had received a reply from the Lord. Just then, a snow-white dove, carrying a note in its beak, landed on Peter's shoulder. Saint Peter took the note, unfolded it, and read it to the three officers:


    Your squabbling and arguing are unseemly and futile. All three of your branches were equally brave, noble, and honorable. You all served your nation with devotion and courage. Take pride in that service, and forget your petty rivalries.


    God (USMC, Ret.)
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