The knives got me again! Chaves Ultramar

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  1. x95mk220

    x95mk220 #1. I am powerless against a well built 1911.

    Jun 17, 2018
    I love this knife a whole lot so enjoy the pics!

    2CE117F3-2710-4423-BC2F-C98534F8E25A.jpeg 443BBA62-56D5-463C-B761-1C3D27C25040.jpeg 3C3A6A83-9E64-459C-BA61-FAA0FFE4A233.jpeg CFDE4E5E-4001-408D-AEBB-7AB9B94A52F2.jpeg 1CF87BA4-AB2F-4177-989C-107C0831015B.jpeg 2ACC8DFD-6AC4-4C3E-BE76-51843E0150B7.jpeg 4510E8AC-88A5-4F1F-A292-7005D1F0EB36.jpeg 53F6D1CB-83B0-4CDC-968B-C1116753E3D9.jpeg 398B9FA7-FA46-418E-A7AF-42E7423D8CCD.jpeg
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